I've written for some excellent outlets and editors on a wide array of topics. If you'd like me to write for you, I have to tell you I'm not doing this as much since I started running a software company. Still, get in touch, knock yourself out!

Botnik Studios

Since 2017 I've been an occasional contributor to this comedic hive mind of humans and machines. Some of the projects I contributed to most were a predictive-text X-files script, this deep-learning Coachella poster, and a predictive-text Passover Seder.


For The New Yorker, I wrote a piece called The Rise of Twitter Bots about some of my own work and its broader context on the social web. I also wrote Faraway: The Making of a Universe, a study of the fabled and unreleased video game Faraway.


In Can You Clone Yourself on Twitter? I trained a neural network on my own social-media presence and chronicled the results.

Wag's Revue

Here's an Interview with Paul Ford where we discuss magazines, archives, and the ends of things, for the final issue of the cult-classic online literary magazine.

Other Stuff

I've also written some games criticism, including The Humbling and Inspiring Tale of the Game That Proved Hitler's Name Is Still Worth at Least A Million Dollars for The Awl and a review of the iconic iPad game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for Kill Screen. That one originally ran with a gimmick where the score would range from 86-100 depending on how full the moon was.

Last but not least, Just Let Me Check One Last Thing... was a piece about Google's ubiquity written on the company's tenth birthday, which was itself now ten years ago, for The Washington Post.

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