Writing All Over

I've written for some excellent outlets and editors on a wide array of topics, to the delight of my readers and the fury of my enemies.

The New Yorker

For The New Yorker, I wrote a piece called The Rise of Twitter Bots about some of my own work and its broader context on the social web. I also wrote Faraway: The Making of a Universe, a study of the fabled and unreleased video game Faraway.


In Can You Clone Yourself on Twitter? I trained a neural network on my own social-media presence and chronicled the results.

Botnik Studios

Since 2017 I've been an occasional contributor to this comedic hive mind of humans and machines. Some of the projects I contributed to most were a predictive-text X-files script, this deep-learning Coachella poster, and a predictive-text Passover Seder.

Wag's Revue

Here's an Interview with Paul Ford where we discuss magazines, archives, and the ends of things, for the final issue of the cult-classic online literary magazine.


I've also written some games criticism, including The Humbling and Inspiring Tale of the Game That Proved Hitler's Name Is Still Worth at Least A Million Dollars for The Awl and a review of the iconic iPad game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for Kill Screen. That one originally ran with a gimmick where the score would range from 86-100 depending on how full the moon was.

Last but not least, Just Let Me Check One Last Thing... was a piece about Google's ubiquity written on the company's tenth birthday, which has itself now become ancient history, for The Washington Post.

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