I Have Made TV

Ah, television: Also known as "small movies," it's the thing we watch on screens. From 2017 to 2021 I've consulted on some TV projects and co-created others. However, they're all still secret and/or canceled, so good luck tracking them down! My publicly viewable work stems from my time in late night, principally working for Stephen Colbert.

In 2005 I was hired by The Colbert Report to write and maintain a comprehensive fan site that would seed the self-fulfilling prophecy of a Colbert Nation. In 2006 I joined the writing staff, where I would remain for the next eight years, winning four Emmys, four Writers Guild Awards, and two Peabody Awards. My work at the Report spanned Stephen's White House Correspondents Dinner speech, jokes for Cookie Monster, a working Twitter bot, and two books, technically three. Any old random episode probably has one of my jokes lurking somewhere.

In 2015, I helped launch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as a Writer and Senior Digital Producer. I produced an 8-episode season of The Late Show Podcast that hit #1 on iTunes and spawned a Choose Your Own Adventure game. Most of my Late Show work is on YouTube, so here's some stuff I had a major hand in writing and/or producing before I left the show at the end of 2016:

3-Legged Race: Videogame Speedrunner Edition

If you've ever wanted to see a race between a world-class speedrun of Super Mario Bros. 3, the Columbia Lions 4x400 team, and Stephen Colbert eating a hot pocket, this is your video. It was expertly called by CBS Sports announcer Ian Eagle, and co-produced by Carly Hillman.

Piano One-O-Fun! with Jon Batiste

A five-part series of lessons and music from the visionary bandleader. Co-produced by Aaron Cohen and Carol Hartsell, directed by Ballard C. Boyd, co-written with Aaron Cohen, Jay Katsir, Gabe Gronli, Cullen Crawford, and Django Gold.

Cartoon Donald Trump Tells Stephen Who Started It

I developed the first "live cartoon" segments that aired on the Late Show; there's a cool CNET story about the tech behind them. Animation and rigs by the genius Tim Luecke, co-produced by Jordan Drutman and Tim Kennedy.

Liz Gets A Meeting, Sort Of

A series of cold opens in which things do not quite go producer extraordinaire Liz Levin's way. Co-produced by Carol Hartsell and Ballard C. Boyd.

CBS Vault: Horse Race

Honestly if you watch one video on this page, let it be this. Co-written with Cullen Crawford, Django Gold, and Nate Charny. Edit and A/V magic by Ballard C. Boyd. VO by the legendary Brian Stack.

Tom Hanks Wants Something Else From Zoltar

Many levels of wish fulfillment in play here; produced by Aaron Cohen.

Requiem For A Debate

We gave the third debate of 2016 a live orchestral score by PUBLIQuartet, and the WaPo's classical music critic called it a "feat of imagination and endurance." Co-produced by Carol Hartsell, Ballard C. Boyd, and Aaron Bryan.

Bill Clinton's Teleprompter

Fake transcript typed in realtime at the DNC for a livestream, co-written with Cullen Crawford and co-produced by Ballard C. Boyd.

The Last O'Malley Supporter

A short film starring Richard Kind. Co-written with Cullen Crawford, shot and edited by Ballard C. Boyd on location at the 2016 DNC. Richard Kind booked by Monica Hickey under exceptional circumstances.

RNC Ketchup and Mustard Station

The AV Club called this livestream "2016's greatest political metaphor."

Jon Batiste vs. "Weird" Al Yankovic

I'm glad we were there to film this when it happened! Co-written with Django Gold, co-produced by Carol Hartsell, shot and edited by Ballard C. Boyd

Barbershop Stories with Jon Batiste and Rep. John Lewis

John Lewis is a titan and it was an honor to work on a piece where he got a hot towel. Co-produced by Heben Nigatu and Carol Hartsell, shot and edited by Ballard C. Boyd and Aaron Bryan.

A Very Special Birthday Message Just For You

When "Happy Birthday" entered the public domain, Darlene Love recorded it here with Jon Batiste and Stay Human; I wrote software to turn that video into over 1,000 custom birthday songs for different names.

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