I made my first video game as a kid, and got back into game design around 2009. That year Allison Parrish and I made Earl Grey, a text adventure where you control the world by taking letters out of words and putting them into other words. We entered Earl Grey in the 2009 Interactive Fiction Competition, where it placed fifth. Later it won the 2009 XYZZY Award for Best Puzzles. I'm super fond of the ocean level.

In 2014 Allison and I made another game called International Jetpack Conference. It's a surreal adventure into the military-industrial complex, programmed in ZZT, the DOS-based creation system we grew up with. This one earned an Honorable Mention in the 2015 Independent Games Festival's "Nuovo" category, which generally recognizes novelty in games, so we were excited our 90s throwback got some heat.

Most years I help judge that very same Independent Games Festival, and I served on the jury for the Excellence in Narrative award in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2018 — check those games out if you're looking for something new to play! I also spoke at the 2015 Game Developer's Conference as moderator of the Star Control classic-game postmortem, where I asked 25 years of questions about what I still think is one of the coolest achievements in this medium.

I've made other games! Here are some of them!

Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure made in Twine with Cullen Crawford, Daniel Kibblesmith, and Tim Luecke during pre-production on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Time to Work™

Made with Zach Gage for a weekend jam, Ludum Dare 37. Features pattern-matching puzzles, an escape-room metagame, and realistic Jeff Bezos dialogue from a predictive text algorithm trained on his Amazon shareholder letters.

Football for Amateurs

A simulation game about how American football works. The game is currently unplayable for arcane technology reasons, but I always talk a big game about reviving it.

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