Connecting, Together

Want to get in touch? If you're not a spammer, my email is dubbin at gmail dot com. If you ARE a spammer, I am I am also on Twitter and Instagram, and occasionally stream on Twitch.

If you don't want to get in touch but still want to feel like we talked, I've been on some podcasts:

Radiolab: Breaking Bad News Bears

After this thread about our peach tree blew up, Bethel Habte and Pat Walters drove out here and talked to me about it.

Track Changes: Rob Dubbin Goes Off-Script

I talked with Paul Ford and Rich Ziade about making the transition from comedy writer to software company CEO, and answered some listener mail about Bluetooth.

The Late Show Podcast - Episode 4

This is me, Stephen Colbert, and my longtime officemate Jay Katsir discussing our origin story, including how I started at The Colbert Report and worked on Stephen's White House Correspondents Dinner speech.

TLDR #29 - Olivia Taters, Robot Teenager

Eleven beautiful minutes about the genesis and misadventures of my most famous Twitter bot.

Baby Geniuses

Extreme nerd alert but I was on Emily Heller and Lisa Hanawalt's podcast talking about Voronoi Diagrams.